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The New Americans – Photo Portraits

How do you capture a person’s essence in just a few key moments? At best, it’s a difficult assignment, but two photographers, Zach Domes and Elle Wildhagen, were determined to try. Last year they traveled America to create photo portraits … Continue reading

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Summer’s Choice: Chasing the Ghost of the American Dream

When we meet Summer Jordan in the short video, Summer’s Choice, she’s a high school senior facing a terrible dilemma. Her father’s dead, mother lost to drugs, so Summer lives with her ailing grandmother in a small California desert town. She’s … Continue reading

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Home as a Vessel of Memory

What can we learn from the artifacts of a life left behind? If walls could speak – what would they tell us? Perhaps every dwelling has a story to tell – but a memoir about an ancient Japanese farmhouse, and the American journalist … Continue reading

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Keep It Real: Video and Documentary

Compelling Videos About a Complex Subject We the Economy is a series of 20 web videos on the economy covering everything from globalism to navigating supply and demand curves. The series is a pastiche of approaches transforming dry information into something at once … Continue reading

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