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Creativity + Innovation = Maya Varma

What drives innovation? Some trailblazers are driven by curiosity, others by the desire to solve an intractable problem. People like Maya Varma are motivated to help others. The Desire to Make a Difference When she was 14, a close friend … Continue reading

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Nirvan Mullick’s Perfect Moment

When the perfect moment presents itself, what will you do? Will you let yourself embrace it or let it pass? If you open your arms and take it in, what then? Two years ago Nirvan Mullick, a struggling filmmaker, encountered a … Continue reading

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“Can Do” – Brad Soden’s Amazing Tank Chair

Can Do. That “can do” attitude about overcoming challenges helped make American great. We like to see ourselves as a people eager to innovate and determined to solve problems. How much the “can do” philosophy defines the American character today may be open … Continue reading

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2 women + 1 innovative idea = 7,500,000 lives transformed

Where does an innovative idea come from? Do you wake up one day and say, “okay, time for a change?” Does it come in a flash of inspiration? Or blossom like a desert flower? I think innovative ideas come from … Continue reading

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