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Elle Luna – On Launching Your Creative Journey

Elle Luna’s creative journey is a touchstone for many eager to find creative expression in their lives. A designer and artist, she’s become somewhat of a creativity guru with her recent book, The Crossroads of Should and Must: Find and Follow … Continue reading

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Exploring the Creative Process – Michael Wolff

What’s the creative process all about? That’s the question designer and creative thinker Michael Wolff has been exploring. After a long and luminous career, he appears in a number of videos talking about inspiration, creativity and making an impact. I’d like to share … Continue reading

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Happy Holidays: A Bit of Whimsy With a Whiff of Hope

Recently I spent some time perusing the best videos from the NYT website and found some to share for the holiday season.  Actually this one’s from last holiday season… but who’s counting?  It’s a frothy little animated piece that made … Continue reading

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Jean Seberg and Alicia Keys

From Goddard’s Movie “Breathless” When I saw the NYT headline for a slide show of images from “125 Years of the International Herald Tribune” I immediately thought of Actress Jean Seberg and Goddard’s movie “Breathless.” That frenetic film helped launch a … Continue reading

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