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Prowling the Dupont Underground

I recently had a chance to explore an abandoned site under Washington, DC’s Dupont Circle. Dupont Underground is promoting the site as a performing space for “cutting-edge arts, architecture, design and creative endeavors.” They made it available to our group of  urban … Continue reading

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Inti’s Images

Inti St. Clair’s images capture an emotional resonance that seems to vibrate from the very core of her subjects.  While working as a commercial photographer she decided to take on an assignment of her own – photographing two beautiful little … Continue reading

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Home: Where the Heart Is

Home is such a simple word, but rich with meaning… remembered smells, tastes and moments we carry forever… perhaps a haven, a refuge… or perhaps not. So much feeling resides in that simple word… home. When I first saw this … Continue reading

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Impossible Images

Impossible images are Erik Johansson’s specialty – he’s a magician according to some of his admirers. To the delight of many, he likes to fabricate photographs that could only be captured by his imagination. While Johansson calls himself a photographer … Continue reading

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