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Viktor Koen’s Steampunk Illusions

Viktor Koen’s steampunk visions populate a world of intricate illusions. He delights in making the physically impossible seem likely and predictable. Steampunk, conceived as a genre of science fiction, envisions a retro futuristic world powered by steam and the machine age. Think of  Fritz Lang‘s … Continue reading

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Maggie Taylor’s Flights of Fancy

Maggie Taylor’s flights of fancy are a strange enchantment. Her images seem to live outside the boundaries of time and space, merging the fantastical with the familiar. They’re so engaging, they carry an almost hallucinatory power. At Yale, Maggie Taylor … Continue reading

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Impossible Images

Impossible images are Erik Johansson’s specialty – he’s a magician according to some of his admirers. To the delight of many, he likes to fabricate photographs that could only be captured by his imagination. While Johansson calls himself a photographer … Continue reading

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