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hanks for dropping by! On this site you’ll find musings, stories and some observations on writing, creativity and vision. There’s lots to explore. I hope you like what you see.

My Musings page features essays, stories and thought pieces I wrote for publication, fun or just to share with you.

My blog, The Vision Thing, explores vision and innovation with a focus on storytelling, visual artistry and the inspirational moment. It will introduce you to fascinating people, artists and creators I’ve discovered in my travels on the Web.

If you’re curious about my books for children, please visit Nice Dog Books. You’ll find our fun stories for kids and everyone else. That’s KukkaTahti my canine companion and partner in Nice Dog Books.

Marlon's Marvelous Adventures

A Funny Feline Fantasy

At Nice Dog Books you’ll find more about KukkaTahti and our award-winning series, Marlon’s Marvelous Adventures.

• Book #3, Marlon and the Wide World is a furry feline mystery/adventure about resilience, family and finding your way back home.

• Book #2, Marlon and the Scary Something, is a cozy cat adventure about finding courage, conquering fear and landing back on your paws.

• Book #1, Marlon Finds A Way, is a funny animal adventure about taming a temper, building trust and gaining a friend.

And my first book, Emmalene A Tiger’s Tale features one lovable tiger in a rollicking tale of friendship and self-reliance.

You’ll also find teaching guides and other resources for parents and teachers and fun extras for kids. 

If you’d like to share your thoughts or get in touch, please contact me or KukkaTahti at  and thanks for reading!