Now I know the world has really changed.  It’s certified and on the Web: The Library of Congress is webcasting.  A lecture and presention series on Music and the Brain.  Webcasts on the first Spiderman drawings, early animations, National Book Festival author readings, lectures, music performances, early films – all on the Library’s YouTube channel.  Yep, the Library puts a lot of stuff on YouTube.

One webcast I can recommend, because I happened to be there at the time, was a conversation between Poet Laureate Ted Kooser and John Prine, with Kooser reading some poems  and Prine performing some of his songs.  Kooser has a website where he reads some of his poems.  I especially like the poem Osage.  

At the time of their on stage conversation, Kooser said Prine was one of his heroes and, as Poet Laureate, he could invite anyone he wanted to the Library of Congress.  He chose Prine and it was a lovely evening.  And here it is.  
Deja Vu all over again.