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See Me Tell Me

Subway Saints (on going)

Continuing on the theme of collaboration and innovation, my daughter Jennifir sent me info about an artist friend, See Me Tell Me who collaborates directly with the public, bypassing galleries, dealers, critics, marketers, and the like.  See Me Tell Me has created a new definition of public art as she scatters her works all around the city for people to discover.

Bound Numbers (completed)

And she asks whoever happens upon her latest art installation to let her know which work they find (there are different series and are all numbered) and where.  A very cool idea.  

Little Monsters (on going)

And her work has it’s own intricacies 
that resonate on a number of levels, 
from comic to cosmic.  Her inspiration comes from people and places in the city.  And are quite a gift in their own right.  I think all of us love the idea of the hand-made object, and here with the art of See Me Tell Me we’re bumping into work that has been lovingly crafted.  I find the whole thing ingenious.  And I like the idea that the person discovering the work is asked to get in touch with the artist.  Completes the circle, doesn’t it.  

I also loved reading about it on the Subway Art Blog.  What?  Of course there’s a blog about subway art. Where else in the city is it such a delight to encounter the unexpected?  And blogger Jowy documents finding one of her works.

And, since we’re talking about collaboration, there’s also all  that music that flows through the tiled halls of the NY subway system.  The Subway Art Blog posts about that too. 

And there’s New York’s Underbelly project that I wrote about last year, where a hundred artists created work in an abandoned subway station deep in the bowels of the city.  And the lush and festive places that inform Sweden’s Metro that I described here last month.  Wow, under+ground = fertile+ground.  Transforming the routine into the sublime.


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  2. Thanks for the article. You have great insight. Hey – if you want a work from the current series send me your address via email – and I will send you one. See Me

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