Just watched a wonderful short piece on Vimeo about a man keeping bees in Hong Kong.  Beautifully conceived, a simple mediation.  The insanely huge city of Hong Kong, the almost insignificant but essential honey bees and the nostalgia they bring for a connected life.  Check it out at Hong Kong Honey.

But wait, there’s more.  HK Honey has a website.  And they are an organization of “beekeepers, artists and designers that aim to communicate the value of bees and benefits of locally produced honey.”  Even thinking about it slows my mind to a more contemplative state.  And how nice to think about these bee fanciers living on the other side of the globe, creating an oasis of peace in a frenetic urban environment.  The photos were taken by Martin Cheung.  And he has some cool pinhole camera shots of the bees that feel like an inside the hive pov.  You can see those on his site.

Photos by Martin Cheung