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What it Feels Like to Fly

I can safely say that JP Auclair and I probably have little in common and I’m sure we will never meet.  Can’t imagine how our paths might cross. Until today, I’d never heard of him.  But he makes my spirits soar.  

JP is a freeskier. The man has 20 videos on vimeo.  You can tell right away, he’s a major ski dude.  Even has his own page on the Oakley site. That’s JP on the right, catching some air.  

So why am I writing about him? Because of a 14 day collaboration with this man, Dave Mossop (Dave’s on the left). 

And what you’re about to see is a tour de force:  beautifully shot, edited and executed.  And also really cool.  Go Dave and JP.  

Kind of an all-time kid’s fantasy.  Anyone who ever dreamed of flying knows what I mean.  So see for yourself.   Here’s a link to the video “JP Auclair Street Segment.”  And you can read an interview about the making of Dave’s video here.  


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  1. Sooo cool. How they do that? Camera dude or ski dude??? (I guess I”ll have to check out the interview!)

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