When you think back to that perfect time in your life, when everything seemed full of promise and life stretched out before you in a beautiful arc, what comes to mind?  Well, of course it’s different for everyone, right?  And for some, the looking backwards is a way of moving forward, too.

Carter Olcott

For Carter Olcott it was the years 93-94.  When, as he puts it, snowboarding was great and people did it because it was fun and cool.   And those two years represent a time in his life that he’s been trying to recapture.  It’s kind of a lifestyle thing.  And a chance to recreate the magic.  

So, following in the great American entrepreneurial tradition, Carter, who’s always marketed other people’s stuff, designed his own imagery and affixed it to clothing that personifies that time of his youth.  And he put 93-94 out there on the Web, hoping to catch fire.  

At this point I should mention that Carter is a family friend.  And yes, every day thousands of people like Carter follow their own dreams and try to create something from nothing.  It’s that “just-do-it” spirit which is so ingrained in our culture.  

But what makes 93-94 even possible is the Web.  It’s a way to share that dream that keeps you up at night and maybe build it into something that other people can connect with.  Or just create a new business and market something you believe in.  Or share the fun and pride of ownership because you’re doing your own thing and, with the Web, you can.