I’m a passionate storyteller. I create pieces on leaders and leadership, public policy and advocacy, innovation, healthcare and medicine, science and technology, architecture and design, manufacturing and business, employment and workplace issues, housing and sustainable communities, veterans, social problems and solutions, cultural icons, historic landmarks, and art and the creative impulse.

In my creative work I strive for power, clarity and grace. I profile the accomplishments of statesmen, scientists, business leaders, entrepreneurs, public officials, city planners, innovators, visionaries, artists, architects, photographers, psychiatrists, street artists, philanthropists, champions of affordable housing, policymakers and healthcare professionals.

I’m skilled in the art of persuasion and driving change. I create advocacy and marketing media for corporations, associations and educational organizations, and election-winning political media for Republican and Democratic candidates in state-wide and national campaigns.

I transform complex subjects into compelling copy and video. I served as Executive Editor and Writer for Mini-Dragons, a seven-hour international co-production exploring economic development and its cultural impact in seven Asian nations. I created award-winning documentaries for PBS, corporations, associations and educational organizations, and was Co-Producer and Writer for Medical Economics Video Magazine, a quarterly program on the business of medicine.

My blog, The Vision Thing, explores vision, creativity and innovation.  I write about pathfinders and innovators with a focus on storytelling and the inspirational moment.

As Writer-Producer I led the design and creation of:

•  15 web videos on Creative and Effective Institutions for the MacArthur Foundation

•  100 mini-docs on American’s icons, nature, culture and history for Armed Services Television

•  18 web video profiles of living American artists for the Smithsonian Institution

•  15 video profiles of thought leaders and innovators for the Smithsonian Institution and Computerworld Magazine

•  45 international finalists profiled for the Urban Land Institute Global Awards for Excellence

•  myriad individual projects

For an updated resume, please contact me: dan@danbailes.com