Stories, Musings & The Vision Thing


I grew up in the suburbs of Washington, DC. In college I studied Psychology and developed a life-long curiosity for exploring why we do the things we do. I played drums in several jazz bands and filled lots of notebooks with random musings and life observations.

After college I moved to New York, left grad school after a year and taught 3rd grade in a Brooklyn public school. I discovered I liked hanging out with kids but was not too keen on the formality of school. Soon after our daughter was born, we left the big city for the wilds of New Mexico. I worked on a friend’s first film (which sadly was never completed). I found New Mexico enchanting and starkly beautiful. I was inspired to make a film of my own, which got me into film school.

After a year of film school, I left to get some real life experience. A few months later my son was born. At the time, the DC area was a lively hub of educational and documentary filmmaking. I joined a small but busy film community and began to pick up work on crews as an assistant cameraman. After a few years I was freelancing as an editor, then a writer and producer.

I loved the energy and creativity I could bring to my projects. Plus, I was always facing new challenges and learning something that broadened my horizons. Those were busy years and I helped create documentary programs for PBS, the Smithsonian Institution and lots of other organizations. 

I also enjoyed making up stories for my kids. After they were grown, I launched my blog, The Vision Thing, with observations about the visual arts, creativity and innovation.

I rekindled my love of jazz and blues and played with several bands in local clubs. We started spending part of our summers on coastal Maine and made lots of friends there. Along with work and writing, music, photography and yoga sustained me.

 Over the years several dogs joined our family, including KukkaTahti in 2019. I launched Nice Dog Books to get my stories out there for everyone to enjoy. Nice Dog Books offers fun stories for kids and everyone else. Emmalene A Tiger’s Tale, is “a frolicking feline fantasy featuring one lovable tiger, two spunky kids and some well-meaning but silly grownups.”

Marlon’s Marvelous Adventures includes

Book #1 Marlon Finds A Way, “a playful story about self-reliance, building trust and gaining a friend. With practical skills for problem solving and taming a temper.” 

Book #2 Marlon and the Scary Something “filled with wit and wisdom about finding courage, conquering fear and getting back on your feet. A cozy cat adventure, perfect for kids 6-9 and cat lovers everywhere! Dog lovers too!” 

Coming this winter, Book #3 Marlon and the Wide World “Marlon learns about  friendship, courage and the special bond between brothers.”

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