A peek at our living room

At a time when many people our age head south to bask in the warmth of a cozy retirement, we’re going to make our way north to have an adventure and the chance to reinvent ourselves. After 45 years of living in Washington, DC, we’re soon to be off to a small town in Western Massachusetts.

Yes, there are complicated logistics with such a big move. A lot of physical, financial and psychological issues to deal with. After so much time in one place, we’ve accumulated a lot of stuff. A lot of baggage, too. We haven’t yet dealt with what to bring with us and what to get rid of. In DC, we have a beautiful home filled with lovely things. Do we want to pack up and transport the familiar or chuck much of it and start anew? Our Victorian home was built in 1890. We’re moving to a three bedroom condo that opened in 1985. Big change.

Also, we’ve decided to redo the kitchen, bathrooms and some of the interiors in our new place, which we take possession of at the end of January, 2024. It’s a lot to take on. I think our marriage and friendship are strong enough to get us through it. I’d like to think most of our drama is behind us. We’ll find out.

So today, the first day of 2024, I thought I’d start a blog about the experience and share what we learn and how we fare. At this point I’m excited about the possibilities. And I can see myself and our new life thriving in this new place. Which is a huge plus. And a great way to start.