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Ok Go and the Whimsical Moment

As performance artists, Ok Go are masters of the whimsical moment. This eclectic band has a bunch of cool videos that are simultaneously playful, silly, chaotic and amazing – and very carefully choreographed. Even so, part of their charm is how off-handed and spontaneous they … Continue reading

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Exploring the Creative Process – Zoë Keating

Music is so ephemeral it’s hard to capture in words, but I like Zoë Keating‘s music so much I’m going to give it a try. She’s a mesmerizing live performer and improviser, and I’ve found some great web media to help you see … Continue reading

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Cultural Collision: the Khmeleva Project

What evolves out of a cultural collision depends on what you put into it. DakhaBraka and Port Mone‘s Khmeleva Project is a musical collaboration that is at once joyous, ancient, futuristic, tragically sad and euphoric. Lots of adjectives, I know, … Continue reading

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