My daughter Jennifir recently had a baby, her second.  And like many parents of newborns, finds endless fascination in her baby’s waking and sleeping moments.  So did I when my two were that age.  And then there’s the whimsical Finnish artist Adele Enerson, who transforms her daughter Mila’s naps into flights of fancy.
Once upon a time Adele worked as an advertising copywriter and concept designer.  Here’s how she describes her blog:  This blog is my maternity leave hobby. While my baby is taking her nap, I create scene around her and take quick snap photos.  I use only few minutes per picture, including creating idea, implementation and editing, ’cause I don’t want to disturb her sleeping and most of my time is for my family.

Adele created a short Youtube video showing some of Mila’s dreamy creations.  And a book of Mila images, When My Baby Dreams, is coming out next year.  

Adele also blogs about her life and being a mother and you can see a quiet exuberance there… celebrating her daughter and the freedom to explore and the chance to create her own sense of wonder. Last month Mila celebrated her first birthday… and is now transforming herself from dreamy infant to adorable little girl.