When I first saw this image on The Online Photographer, a photography blog, I thought I was looking at a image by Cezanne. But how could that be? So I looked further to discover it was taken by master photographer David Hoptman.  He teaches a Tuscan Light Photo Workshop and clearly is on to something.
From what I can glean from his site, he is very much about form, texture, color and design.  Obviously with a captivating eye.  And he works with a variety of styles and approaches.  Here are a few examples I liked.

There’s obviously much more on his site and he writes about the creative process as well. It’s not surprising that he does landscape and architectural photography, still lifes and interiors.  But he also works with Picassoesque abstractions, a Minox camera which creates a diffused, pointillistic image, and stylized nudes. Everything elegantly presented. And one of those happy accidental encounters that make the digital world so seductive.