Making assumptions.  So automatic, you don’t even know you’re doing it.  So when Bob, my colleague, sent me a link to an Ice Cube video about designer Charles Eames, I thought, what’s up with that?  It’s true that Mr. Cube (I love calling him that) has moved very successfully from rapper to actor (shedding one set of assumptions for another). But why would a rapper/actor even know about Eames? See what I mean about assumptions?

Here’s the iconic chair Eames designed in 1946.  Strong, simple lines.  An excellent example of what can be created by great design.

And this chair, created in 1953, is similar to the one that Ice is sitting in.  Of course Eames and his wife were perhaps the most influential designers of their time.  You can find out more about them here and here.  And the cool video that Ice made introduces a retrospective exhibit on Eames and his work.  The video is so creative in concept – as it juxtaposes two styles, rap and documentary – and includes Mr. Cube’s  very personal homage to Eames and what he was all about.   

Well, see for yourself.