QV Image photo

Wedding photos.  Sometimes tacky, sometimes enchanting.  Offering all the romantic vision of a Hollywood/Bollywood movie.  At their best, they’re an approximation of the photo above, displayed on the web portfolio of QV Image, based in Sydney, Australia.  And QV, from what I can tell from their website, takes themselves very seriously, showing lots of artfully posed couples approximating some version of marital bliss.  And videos too, all somewhat predictable, like “David and Vanessa, First Dance.”  But that’s just once side of the QV Image. 
They also know how to have fun.  And I highly recommend Jimtrace Wedding Highlight – Casual Story Part 2.  It is at once strange, weird, fun, charming, silly, a spoof and an all around good time.  And you can tell, everyone had a great time making it.  
So there you go.  Even the wedding video biz can provide its creative moments.  And thanks to QV Image, Jim and Trace for theirs.